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bridesukraineWho are they- girls who look for a husband abroad? It would be correct if starting with the features of the soul of a Russian woman. It is a well known fact that Russian women are considered not simply pretty but also, very good mistresses in the house. And at the same time there is an opinion that lately those are not the only qualities that can help those women starting a relationship with a foreigner. And eventually if the man is not looking for a marriage and a creation of the family, then there is no power in the world that would be able to bring this man to the point that he should start a serious relation. This kind of man cannot be tricked, while if the man wants to have a family and is willing to work upon it, than it is a completely different story, and no matter how many times he would say that it doesn’t matter for him, how his woman is cooking, it is not important to him, but some more romantic things matter to him, but the truth is that no matter how much you lie to yourself, you still cannot feel the full stomach with conversations about love only. And also, it is a well known fact that a hungry man is a very irritated man.

So from this point of view Russian women really do have a lot of advantages in comparison with the European and American ones, a majority of whom think they can cook if they can put in the microwave to heat some frozen ready made food.

A lot of Western men even after living their own life in a marriage, have never ate a fresh soup, but instead of it, have always ate can soup, that is why they are really impressed and astonished when they get to, try a homemade pie or soup for the first time in their life in Russia.Russiaggirl

But it is not about the capacity to cook as well, as there is none woman in the world who would want to be noticed only as the chef in the house, or as a housekeeper. All the women in the world dream about same thing, they dream to love, and to feel that they are loved by their men. So not the ability to cook attract Western men in a Russian woman, but the fact that they know how to care about their man, who same as women dream about love and care and tenderness, that is why they are looking for Russian women, who are able to give them this feeling.

And in the pie that was baked for the man, for this man is more important not the pie itself, as there are a lot of ready pies in the grocery store, and there is practically no need to cook, but the fact that this woman has shown her love and care towards him, by making something specially for him. This kind of care is very unusual for Western women.

Some bad people try to say that the kindness, care and tenderness of Russian women is simply a myth, and they are being this way only until the moment when they marry their men, and feel that they got a certain authority and power upon them, but it it not true as care about the family, love, and keeping harmony in the house, are the crucial things for each and every Russian women, and they got home discipline regarding this issue, that the main duty of the woman in the family is to create coziness, while the main duty of the man is to provide his family and to make sure they are safe and secure, if those two components of the family are making their duty in a right way, than it is simply impossible for this family not to have a prospering and happy life.

Anyways, we all are the builders of our happiness, so if turning our attention only upon the bad things, than this is exactly how things in the family will happen, but if know and think about the positive things, and be able sometimes to give up on your own wishes for the sake of the family, that is something that will make the family long lasting.

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