swingrusbrideToday many girls, who can’t find happiness in their country, are trying to seek it abroad. The internet is helping them a lot: the World Wide Web has worn down the international borders and the range of opportunities has grown to the size of the entire globe.  A long time ago, Russian women didn’t have a lot of choice, only the neighborhood boys, provincials-young colleagues or fellow students. Modern Russian women can easily start a love story with a financial analyst from New York, or a chef from Milan or a person who is growing dogs in Helsinki. In this case only the desire matters.

The beginning of the overseas love stories is almost always standard: on a popular dating site is placed a profile-form with a couple of photos. Next to the mailbox girls start breaking down letters, and here it is time to include turn on the brain and start the game called “spot the groom.”forrussiangirl

The first good advice would be to never choose one candidate, even if you’re confident that on the other side of the monitor, is the person of your dreams. Keep parallel correspondence with several partners, bearing in mind that only you can make the right choice from the many options. Remember the smart financial power brokers: they never put all the eggs in one basket, which is why they are rich. Follow their example and “don’t do all bets on one horse”. She can ultimately prove to be lame.

As soon as the range of potential soul mates is outlined and starts the regular correspondence. And it might seem you were able to find out about her almost all: shoes size, favorite whiskeys, and color mugs. But a personal meeting day for some reason was not set, preferring to be friends at a distance. It’s time to stop and think: what’s the reason? We are not living in the days of pioneer childhood, and friendship by correspondence is not fashionable.

If the Chosen One lacks a ticket and not rushing to see the subject of adoration, than there might be only two reasons for that:

  1. Russian bride’s wrong behavior. Perhaps in the early letters she gave already too many “megabytes” of information about herself and sent to the candidate for marriage all family archive of photographs. This “applicant” should be placed at the very bottom of the ranking of priority and not repeat such errors. Information needs to be measured out and even if it sounds wrong, woman should always remain a mystery to men. Representatives of opposite gender need continuing brain activity, the desire to understand, to comprehend, to win, and to achieve. The mind’s eye of the partner should see a gentle and tender woman in front of him, who is welcoming the stranger.
  2. You have chosen the wrong candidate. There are many venerable “fathers of the family”, which got bored with their life and the getting old wife. And he relaxes in front of the monitor, while sipping beer and talking to the pretty girl from Russia about its wealth and solitude. Don’t waste your time on bringing to nothing chat, it is hard to believe that the getting old macho will fall in love with this woman, and will ask her to marry him.

“Wrong” candidates can be identified not only by failing to meet in real life. It is a reason to get suspicions immediately if the interviewee says that he will not send money under any circumstances as he is afraid of scammers.  Most likely, the person is afraid of financial costs and found “free ears” for leisure. If the partner does not send images-this is also a reason to worry. So, it means he does not want to “show” the face on the Internet. Although the picture does not show the truth, about the individual on the other side of the monitor, as people can always use images of strangers. But the reluctance to report the phone number and address is a parameter.

Source: http://woman-ukrainian.com