bulgarian marriage agencyDespite the fact that you probably have never met a woman from Bulgaria (Okay, there is a slight possibility that you have a Bulgarian female colleague or a neighbor), there is a generally held view that Bulgarian ladies are a fine specimen of nature being kind and generous. This opinion does not lie one slightest bit, they are tantalizingly beautificent.

There is however another opinion, a not so great one. That Bulgarian girls, just like all Soviet bloc women are only in it for the money and wealth. Needless to say that this is a misguided way of thinking. They are sincere and honest and you will have plenty of chances to feel that when you have communicated with them for some time.

The reason for that opinion lies probably in the fact that Bulgarian girls, as well as women of other ex-socialist countries had a difficult history up until the 90s, which certainly affected their life experiences and the development of their characters.

Besides that, the upbringing Bulgarian girls got made them favor interpersonal relations and creating a strong and healthy family over most things that are highly valued by western women. They always remember that their priority is their nearest and dearest and are ready to contribute for their benefit accordingly. Often they give much more than they take back. You might just get yourself a great friend at the least (or a loyal wife in the best case scenario) should you come to the rescue when Bulgarian woman needs that. It’s that much they can be grateful.

Bulgarian women love their home. They love setting it up and taking care of it. And they are so good at that! They will pour their heart and soul to make life comfortable for all of their family members. Those lucky ones will feel like heaven! However it doesn’t end with home, Bulgarian ladies (as true women) do have other interest and hobbies in them and might just surprise you for that matter if you dig deeper.Young Woman Bulgarian women

They may as well amaze you with how fickle they can be and how quickly they may change. One minute they are purring kitten, all playful and frisky, serene and tranquil, the other they turn into a raging tiger tearing up everything around them. Beware! Don’t you try playing games with them and rubbing them the totally wrong way. And while this may not please some of the men, this at least calls for respectfulness. It’s the same story when they look not so bright, a bit rustic even, and all of a sudden start talking and acting too smart. The Bulgarians do have heads on their shoulders, that’s a fact.

One thing Bulgarian women strive badly for is love. They are crazy in love and will do everything in their power to make the man they like similarly fall in love with them. So should you get a hint of sympathy from a Bulgarian girl – you can consider yourself a jackpot winner! She will love you to pieces, absolutely and unconditionally.

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So how do you get acquainted with Bulgarian woman? There are several methods.

The first one – visit Bulgaria. The country is pretty enjoyable, you will like it there. The bonus would be, you can meet lots of women, literally. You will have a really good choice. That’s a nice problem to have for sure.

Or, alternatively, go the Internet way. It’s a different story, but may work out too, especially if have no opportunity to go to the country.

In both cases be brave enough to give her what she wants, be it a romance or assurances of happy family life (in particular if you do intend to have that with her). Go on a lovely dinner with her, romantic atmosphere, candles, semi-darkness. Subsequently send her a nice letter here’s a nice example.

Just don’t hold back in approaching Bulgarian woman. Your time has come.